Cellulite is a common problem among many people today although it is more likely to affect women than it is men. This is because of the different genetic makeup between women and men as well as the balance of hormones in each.

Cellulite tends to make an appearance as fat cells protrude through the tissues beneath the skin. This gives a lumpy appearance that can be related to the skin of an orange. The affected areas of this type of skin generally can be found around the thigh and buttocks areas but has been known to develop elsewhere on the body.

Hormones, genetics, diet and lifestyle all have an impact on cellulite. The obvious being that if you are unhealthy in your eating and exercise habits you are more likely to develop cellulite. However, your hormones and genetics can determine the way that you develop cellulite as well. Some people naturally have low metabolisms and distribute fat differently around the body so cellulite may be more visible.

There are ways to treat and prevent cellulite, however, and these include making healthy choices in your diet and exercise. The less fatty foods and carbs you eat the better your body will look. The same can be said for exercise, as a toned body is less likely to have cellulite appear.

Treatments are also available to help with cellulite reduction, which we offer at our clinic. Our cellulite reduction treatment promotes smoother, healthier skin with no risk of surgery. It is perfect for firming and tightening your skin as well, while reducing fat with medical grade technology.

You can book a cellulite treatment today at our Canberra weight loss clinic with technology regularly featured in Vogue and Women’s fitness magazines. All you have to do is give us a call on 02 6239 7347