Once you have had your consultation with one of our fat freezing specialists you will book your first session appointment where we will begin your first round of treatments.

On Arrival:
You will be taken into the treatment room and placed into a robe to commence your series of treatments. You will lay on a comfortable reclining bed with pillows and a blanket in a calm and relaxing environment much like going to a day spa which we have all come to know and love.

The Treatment:
You will be prepped for the procedure by having a treatment cloth laid onto the area that is to be treated and a gel applied all over to make the coolness spread and be more effective to the treatment area. This feels a little like going in for an ultrasound, the gel can be a little cool but not startling…you may even find it’s quite refreshing in the summer months.

The machine will then be placed onto the area to be treated and you will feel suction as the machine settles itself onto your skin. Depending on your treatment you may have more than one machine placed in different areas. So you can have two treatments being done at the same time such as your tummy and thighs without having to book two separate treatments. You may experience a bit of discomfort for about 2-3 minutes, mainly because it’s a sensation that is new to many of us. Most clients find it very relaxing and can easily enjoy a conversation or a magazine whilst having their treatments very shortly after commencement. It may feel like the machine isn’t doing much at all, but we assure you it is. After 8-10 weeks you will see that the fat level will be reduced by 20-30%

Once the treatment is finished and the machine first comes off, many people experience a tingling sensation or a very slight stinging for a minute or so. This is due to the body warming up again after the Cooltech machine comes off. This sensation is similar to jumping in a warm shower on a very cold day where your body adjusts to the temperature difference and only lasts a minute or two before returning back to normal.

What if I have stubborn fat that won’t be moved even after I work out?
Many clients come to us for this very reason, we all have areas of fat deposits that are deep within the tissues of our body and not even the heaviest of workouts and strict eating plans can shift it. This is what makes Cooltech so wonderful as a treatment option.
It’s non-invasive, quick, painless, and effective, affordable, there is no downtime like other more invasive and aggressive fat removal treatments. You can come in during your lunch break or after work and go back to work immediately after your treatment.