Did you know you can obtain the benefits of a facelift without having to go under the knife? Our Sublime procedure is pain-free, affordable, and most importantly, effective!

Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of Sublime:

How Does Sublime Work?
Sublime is an anti-aging solution that can help you combat the appearance of aging, which incorporates areas that sag on the face including brow lines, under-eyes, and the neck and jowl area. This procedure combines IR and bi-polar radio frequencies so that the heat can be controlled throughout the layers of your skin.

When this occurs, it stimulates collagen fibres while simultaneously shortening the ones that have aged – leaving you with immediate improvements! It is the best way to get natural results without any downtime, and it’s a safe alternative to expensive plastic surgery.

A Pain-Free Option
A typical facelift involves an invasive procedure that can be extremely painful. The surgeon will need to make multiple incisions into your face so that they can reach the bottom layers of your skin. Once this is done they will remove excess fat and close you up with sutures.

One of the most common complications of a traditional facelift is a hematoma, which refers to large and painful bruising around the face. After undergoing a surgical facelift, your face will swell significantly, and you will likely require medication to relieve the pain.

With Sublime, there is no surgery required, so you won’t have to experience recovery pain! According to research conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, AAFPRS, skin treatments as an alternative to traditional facelifts are up by 39% compared to previous years.

There Is No Downtime
Another benefit of choosing the Sublime non-surgical procedure to rejuvenate your face is that there is no downtime required. The treatment is very gentle, and although you may feel some heat in the targeted areas, the applicator cools the skin immediately.

In other words, besides some initial pinkness in the skin, you would never know that you just had a facelift! You can even resume your normal routine, and apply makeup, immediately afterward.

However, this is not the case with surgical options. It generally takes around two weeks to recover from the surgery, and you simply can’t resume vigorous activity for at least four weeks. Plus, the sutures will usually require bandages, and you will have to return to the clinic to have them removed within five to ten days of the procedure.

As you can see, this would require you to take time off work (again!) and put your life on hold so that your face can heal. This is simply not an issue with the Sublime non-surgical procedure!

Great Results – Fast
Since there is no downtime with Sublime, you can get the results you want, fast. It can lift, tighten, firm, and tone your face after the first treatment, so it is a great option before a big event – or while on your lunch break!

Although you will see the best results after three to four sessions, just one sitting will leave you with radiant, younger skin.

Like we mentioned, seeing the results from a surgical facelift will take some time. Besides needing significant time to recover, the results do not last forever!

Studies have found that over 20% of facelifts relapse just five years after the initial surgery. Similarly, if too much skin is removed, your face can look startled, unnaturally distorted, or simply too tight.

Sublime is a great non-surgical option that will not only provide you with great results – that improve with time – but it can also be done quickly.

It’s Affordable!
At Total Body Contouring, we believe that everyone should feel confident and radiant in their skin. We make our procedures affordable and offer many different package options so that everyone can get the results they have dreamt of!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we’re passionate about delivering the very best results at a great price. Contact us today to learn more!