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Cooltech® Package Deals 70% OFF

The most advanced system in the world today for fat freezing is Cooltech®
The applicator design gives you more than DOUBLE the treatment time and far exceeds the results of any of its competitors.

Prices start at $450 – Further discount with package deals available, contact us for pricing.

2 Medium Applicators
$450 – each applicator

6 Medium Applicators



4 Medium Applicators
$400 – each applicator

8 Medium Applicators

$350 – EACH APPLICATOR (*70% Package Deal Offer)


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We are a local family owned and operated weight loss centre in Canberra with over 35yrs professional industry experience.


Cooltech is designed for treating localised fat located in various areas of the body. It has several applicators designed to adapt to all areas of the body thereby enabling one’s figure to be completely remodelled.

Visible Fat Loss Results

More than 1,000,000 patients have received cooltech® treatments with an overall satisfaction rate of 95%. Early fat loss results can begin to be seen in as little 2 weeks with progressive improvement showing its full effect after 3 months.

Sculpt your silhouette

Cooltech’s exciting technology helps to reshape your body by reducing fat deposits. It is particularly useful for targeting areas of body fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise, eliminating fat cells by freezing them to the point where they crystallise, then die, and are  eliminated by your body’s natural processes.

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Maximum Efficacy

Cryolipolysis has been studied in numerous clinical trials that have clinically certified its amazing results. Its long history ensures the highest level of efficacy in eliminating fat and confidently providing client satisfaction.

Non-invasive and no downtime

Cooltech treatments target the fat cells without harming the surrounding body tissues so does not involve surgery and requires no anaesthesia or down time. A  wonderful side effect is the numbing reaction to the cold which produces a natural anaesthetic.

Create your ideal body

Imagine being able to target isolated fat bulges that are difficult to shift like the chin, knees, muffin top, bra flaps or back bulges giving you the body you always wanted in a non-invasive way. Designed for dual sculpting the Cooltech allows for two areas to be treated at once
thereby ensuring better results and optimising treatment time in each session.

Take Your Pelvic Floor To The Gym!

Are you suffering from any chronic pelvic lower and upper back pain?
Want to build strong abdominal muscles?
Are you recovering after child birth?
Want to greatly improve your sex life, or do you suffer from any sexual dysfunction?
Want to regain total control over your pelvic floor muscle, bladder and many types of urinary or faecal incontinence?

The TESLAchair can do it all and more, this new technology supports neuro physiotherapy, musculoskeletal strengthening, increased blood flow boosting circulation and nutrition. Activation, repair and strengthening of the ligaments and nerves in the urogenital area. Increased blood flow to the reproductive area in both male and female. Muscle strengthening and toning after sports injuries. Faster rehabilitation after surgeries. Simply put it’s like taking your pelvic floor and back to a super gym 

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Build Muscle
While Burning Fat Fast!

Here at Total Body Contouring we are the Ultimate Body Specialists, we focus only on the very latest in the non invasive medical to create your perfect body.
Our new TESLAformer uses Functional Electromagnetic Energy to stimulate muscle contractions which is much higher than what the body can achieve, this is equivalent to 50,000 full and complete muscle contractions in just one 30 minute session, this utilisers the full 100% activation of our muscles total capacity and capability. All non surgical, non invasive no incisions or injections and no downtime, and no pain management involved in the treatment.

With this technology we can achieve lightning fast muscle building, body toning and major lift in the buttocks,in the gluteal muscle area. We can build muscle and burn fat fast, with noticeable growth and strengthening in the muscular area that is being treated. All our results are supported by real medical and scientific studies, and we have fully customisable treatment plans.

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