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The worlds first and only body shaping device to use revolutionary new Coolwaves technology.

Onda With Coolwaves®

ONDA is an award winning and the world’s first and only body shaping device to use revolutionary new Coolwaves technology – and is set to change the way in which non-surgical body shaping procedures are delivered.

Cool waves bypass the uppermost layers of skin tissue, helping deliver more energy/heat directly to where it is needed: the subcutaneous fat cells. This new technology helps dramatically reduce the heating of the surface tissue by focusing heat in the subdermal fatty tissues, with 20% more heating of the fat than laser and RF fat reduction technologies while keeping the skin cooler and more comfortable. Additionally, ONDA Coolwaves has no consumables, no downtime, and offers faster treatment in fewer sessions.

Onda Prices

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Per Template
12 minutes per area.
 $399.00  $200.00

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Cool waves penetrate deeper than other non-surgical treatments while keeping the skin cool and comfortable

Broader Range, Faster Treatment

In addition to enhanced patient comfort, ONDA Coolwaves offers faster treatment and a broad range of areas. A 15cm x 15cm area can be completed in 8 to 10 minutes, and effective results can be seen in as little as 1-4 treatments.
Because it delivers and focuses more energy in the deeper tissue while skin temperature remains comfortable, it can effectively treat body areas and ‘hard’ fat cells that are difficult with other fat reduction technologies such as cryolipolysis.

We usually recommend 4 treatments spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart, so it takes time to get the results. But clienrs often see benefits after 1 or 2 treatments which keeps them encouraged to continue with their treatment plan.

The key factor in the success of ONDA Coolwaves is its ability to deliver large amounts of heat at the required depth for a prolonged period of time while keeping the surface of the skin at safe and comfortable temperature.

What’s The Difference?

It’s effective on the body, in particular the trochanter area, abdomen and thighs, whilst eliminating adipose cells, it also stimulates cellular metabolic processes and collagen production, reshaping the silhouette.

  1. It penetrates deep, demolishing the cell membranes of subcutaneous adipose cells to dissolve localized fat deposits. The lysate is eliminated by natural cellular metabolism (lipolysis).
  2. It stimulates the connective tissue surrounding the adipose lobules of the cellulite, diminishing the “orange peel” effect.
  3. It causes the collagen fibres contraction in the dermis, stimulating the production of new collagen, thereby tightening and toning the tissue.
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Onda’s Coolwaves™

A complete body contouring solution for fat, cellulite & skin laxity

Onda’s Coolwaves™ technology simultaneously delivers enhanced fat reduction, cellulite reduction and longer-term collagen stimulation that competing devices are unable to deliver. It targets the skin’s connective tissue to reduce stubborn cellulite and cause shrinkage and stimulation of the collagen fibres for skin tightening.

Skin collagen formation and cell proliferation require temperatures to exceed 50°C; at 52°C and 55°C collagen fibres tend to demonstrate a greater degree of curvature with increasing temperature. Similarly, for effective cellulite reduction, temperatures in the range of 55°C are required to induce septal tightening. With temperatures in excess of 50-53°C, ONDA’s improved effects on collagen and cellulite septae are histologically demonstrated.


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