Fat freezing is a treatment that is taking the world by storm with its convenient way of reducing the bulge. It offers a better alternative to liposuction as it is performed as a non-surgical procedure with treatments that allow you to continue your day as per normal.

Fat freezing freezes the fat cells beneath your skin so that your body can better absorb them, which reduces the fat on the treated area. This treatment is performed by our Cooltech machines which use paddles to implement the cooling treatment to the area of application.

Our fat freezing or cryotherapy treatments are perfect for people who are finding it hard to lose weight. It sculpts your body and reduces the fat in your problem areas while tightening the skin for a better looking you. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise you will notice the difference in your energy, looks and overall wellbeing.

At Total Body Contouring we have a brand new fat freezing machine that has been added to our cryotherapy arsenal. This has allowed us to expand our fat freezing services to accommodate more people looking to lose weight and sculpt their bodies.

There are many benefits to using fat freezing or cryotherapy as a treatment including fat reduction, no surgery or anaesthesia and no down time. The results can be seen after just a couple of treatments which makes this treatment extremely popular.

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