Self care starts at home, so it’s important to formulate a daily skincare regimen that supports the treatments you receive when you visit our Total Body Contouring weight-loss and body sculpting clinic in Canberra. If you are trying to prevent or combat the effects of ageing, it’s even more important to make sure you have the right products to support your goals for health and beauty.

If maintaining an effective anti-ageing skin routine is important to you, we have good news! Our Pureceuticals antiaging skincare is the perfect complement to our body sculpting and non-surgical facelift services. Read on for five reasons you’ll love the Pureceuticals skincare line!

1.Pureceuticals renews your skin cells.

The wear and tear of daily life can damage your skin over time, leading to scarring, irritation, or sun damage. The good news is, nutrients such as Vitamin A help to combat this by literally remodeling skin cells from the inside out, leading to firmer, more refined and rejuvenated skin! Our Elixir of Youth Serum from our Peurceuticals antiaging range, contains Retinalhyde, the most powerful form of Vitamin A available. Additional nutrients, like Vitamins B and C, hyaluronic acid, and peptides smooth fine lines and wrinkles while giving your skin much needed love.

2. Pureceuticals restores hydration.

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water and eating fresh foods help nourish us from the inside out. Hydrating from the outside-in is also extremely important while we’re targeting the effects of ageing. Dehydrated skin is more prone to wrinkling, drying, and sagging. Luckily, antiaging skincare products like our Youth Restore Hydration moisturiser contain crucial proteins, DMAE, MSM, and phyto lipids in a velvety, luxurious cream to renew the layers of skin by firming, tightening, and rejuvenating the cells. This moisturiser removes toxins that have built up over time, leading to skin that is clearer, brighter, and happier.

3. Pureceuticals combats ageing

 If you find yourself needing products to directly treat—and even reverse—the signs of ageing, your new best friend is Phenyl t-Butylnitrone (PBN, or Spin Trap)! PBN is a unique antioxidant that traps and alters skin-aging free radicals, turning them into oxygen which your body can use. This reverses the ageing process and protects against future damage! The Pureceuticals Liquid Crystal Eye Care cream contains PBN, and helps to reverse aging in the delicate eye area, creating an emollient protective barrier against free radicals.

4. Pureceuticals repairs blemishes

Do you find yourself in the unpleasant position of needing to combat both ageing and acne? Are you unsure whether to focus on one or the other? Well, you don’t have to choose; you can care for all your skin concerns at once! Products like our Elixir of Youth Blemish Repair serum, with powerhouse ingredients like Retinalhyde, hyaluronic acid, and botanicals; kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce enlarged pores, calm inflammation, clear and brighten the skin tone, and balance oil levels. You can enjoy acne-free skin, while still protecting against aging!

 5. Pureceuticals heals your skin

Damaged capillaries, wounds, scarring, and abnormal cell formation all make it difficult to care for your skin. A non-surgical facelift treatment from our Canberra antiaging clinic, is a great way to heal the skin tissue by encouraging collagen and elastin production, leading to firmer, tighter, smoother skin. Sublative skin resurfacing treatments use radio-frequency technology to activate the body’s own healing response, restoring from the inside out. However, you can help the process along with products that help your skin heal. Our Miracle Wrinkle Serum contains an unparalleled amount of active ingredients (76%, to be exact), including eight powerful peptides, liquid Vitamin C, and potent botanicals. This blend repairs capillary damage, reduces wrinkles, and lightens and brightens the skin, creating a protective barrier.

Pureceuticals: the perfect complement to body sculpting and non-surgical facelift treatment.

As you can see, we love our Pureceuticals antiaging skincare for its amazing anti-ageing and skin-rejuvenating properties, and we know you will too! When you come visit the Total Body Contouring weight loss and body sculpting clinic in Canberra, be sure to take home our amazing Pureceuticals skincare products. Your skin will thank you for it!