Cellulite is a leading cause of self-consciousness for women and some men. You may have experienced these feelings yourself when it’s time to slip into lingerie or hit the beach in a bathing suit. Depending on the severity and location of your cellulite, you may experience those self-conscious thoughts when wearing shorts or even summer dresses.

If you have tried seemingly every cellulite treatment available in stores, it may feel like this is a battle you cannot win but, what you haven’t tried yet is the Onda body sculpting treatment.

This new cellulite removal technology has helped many of our clients dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite. We’re excited to tell you more about our total body contouring technology and how it can help you win the fight against cellulite quickly and with little recovery time.

Remove cellulite with Onda Body Sculpting

What is Cellulite?
Cellulite is a lumpy or dimpled skin appearance that is commonly seen on the hips, stomach, thighs, and buttocks. Some people may also notice cellulite on their upper arms or breasts. The uneven skin appearance is caused by pockets of fat underneath the skin, though significant fat loss doesn’t always lead to the elimination of cellulite.

In fact, many people who appear thin and healthy struggle with cellulite. That’s why so many people are now searching for the best cellulite removal options.

The Grades of Cellulite
The severity of cellulite is measured with a grading scale, depending on how noticeable it is to the eye. The following list breaks down the three grading levels:

  • Grade 1 – Mild Cellulite: When the skin is pinched, a minimal amount of depression is noticed. The skin may have a slightly uneven appearance, much like the outer surface of an orange. Skin sagging is also minimal.
  • Grade 2 – Moderate Cellulite: When the skin is pinched, a moderate amount of depression is noticed. The skin may have more severe lumps, looking more like cottage cheese than orange skin. Skin sagging is minimal to moderate.
  • Grade 3 – Severe Cellulite: Deep depressions are noticeable in the skin even without pinching. The area is also prone to significant skin sagging.

What Causes Cellulite?
It isn’t known exactly what causes cellulite to develop in one person and not in another. What we do know is that the way you live your life every day has a significant impact on the development and severity of cellulite. Women are more likely to experience severe cellulite than men, and you’re at greater risk as you age.

Some of the biggest contributors to the development of cellulite include the following:

  • Hormone imbalance
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Diet
  • Exercise habits
  • Metabolic rate

Some people have cellulite because they don’t care for their bodies properly. Others may eat healthily, exercise regularly, and still struggle with this problem due to hormonal issues or perhaps a slower metabolism that changes how fat is distributed and stored.

Natural Cellulite Treatments – Lifestyle Makes a Difference
Now that we have a deeper understanding of what cellulite is and why it’s such a big problem for men and women today, let’s talk about the best cellulite removal treatments available. If you’ve tried many over-the-counter cellulite treatment products in the past, you know that some are more effective and longer-lasting than others.

What you may not realize is that your level of self-care has a direct impact on the appearance of cellulite in all areas of the body. That’s why you’re less likely to see significant cellulite on someone with a well-toned body. They simply have less fat to settle under the skin, though some thin people do still have this problem.

The more you improve your diet and exercise habits, the more success you’re likely to have to combat cellulite. Some of the healthy habits that may help include the following:

  • Keep your body well hydrated with a steady intake of fluid throughout the day.
  • Reduce your sodium intake.
  • Encourage energy absorption by consuming more potassium.
  • Help reduce the appearance of cellulite by eating more citrus and other foods rich in vitamin C.
  • Consume a well-balanced diet filled with nutrient-dense foods.
  • Incorporate strength-building workouts into your daily routine.
  • Perform cardiovascular exercise on a routine basis to increase fat burn and minimize fat storage.

Treating Cellulite with the Onda Body Shaping System
It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for—our discussion of the technology that makes safe, non-invasive cellulite removal possible. Onda Body Sculpting is a tool for total body contouring that creates a smoother skin appearance after just a few treatment sessions. It’s a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that requires no recovery time.

What makes this cellulite treatment different from others is the level of skin penetration. Rather than heating every layer of skin, Onda bypasses the surface skin layers and pushes more heat to the subcutaneous fat cells that cause the lumpy appearance of skin.

Your skin may remain cool on the surface, but the fat cells beneath are exposed to up to 20% more heat than with other types of cellulite removal systems.

Benefits of Coolwaves Technology
There are other cosmetic procedures that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite so why should you choose Onda Body Sculpting? Well, this innovative technology comes with some powerful benefits that may convince you to give it a try, including:

  • Greater comfort
  • Targeted fat loss
  • Faster treatment
  • Effective on hard fat cells
  • Delivers results on more body parts
  • Visible results after 1-4 treatments
  • Deeper penetration for better results
  • Stimulates production of fresh collagen
  • A safe, effective procedure

Let Us Help You Fight Cellulite—And Win!
The lifestyle you live every day plays a role in the development and appearance of cellulite, but it’s not the only factor. The professionals at Total Body Contouring in Canberra can help. We invest in leading body contouring technology because we want to give our clients the best advantage technology can offer.

If you’re ready to see what the Onda Body Sculpting Treatment can do for you, contact us today.

Fighting cellulite has never been so easy!