Winter is definitely a time to relax a bit from the heat of the sun and spend time rejuvenating inside. But if you’ve ever adopted a new weight loss program or taken up more exercise during this time, you know there’s also truth in the idea that “summer bodies are made in winter”!

Getting the precise results you want takes an investment of time. A great physique doesn’t happen overnight but with attention and care, it can certainly develop over the course of the winter and allow you to be ready to enjoy it when summer returns once again.

Getting to the gym regularly and adhering to a healthy diet can help you obtain the look you seek. At Total Body Contouring, we can help you go even further. We offer Canberra’s most trusted and effective non-surgical weight loss solutions. It’s time to invest in you for a summer-ready body you’ll love!

Get a full head-to-toe overhaul that pampers your face, and slims and trims your shape with effective, non-invasive treatments. Check out these leading body contouring services for the ultimate transformation this winter.

Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments for Summer!

Healite II LED Therapy
There is a wide variety of topical creams you can apply to your skin to help sustain its supple nature as you age. While many of these add moisture and radiance, they can only do so much and go so far. Sometimes you need more! LED light therapy targets the internal layers of your skin that topical products just can’t reach. Healite II LED Therapy is a treatment that helps repair damage on a deeper level, targeting the needs of your underlying tissues.

LED light therapy began as a technique studied by NASA and is used to help astronauts heal wounds while in space. The treatment helps your tissues grow, improving your elastin and collagen levels while speeding up cell regeneration. With it, you can:

  • Repair sun damage
  • Rebalance your skin
  • Help treat acne
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Reduce inflammation

All of this is available in one single non-invasive approach. Rebuild your facial appearance on a subcellular level for a new you using cutting-edge technology that really works!

 Ultra Former Facelift Treatment
If you’re looking for the most advanced non-surgical face tightening and contouring treatment, this is it. Ultraformer is the leading global facial contouring solution and for good reason. This approach uses low amounts of micro-focused ultrasound heat energy to target the same layer of skin surgeons tighten when performing a surgical facelift.

How does it work? The intense heat stimulates your body to produce extra collagen, which are the cornerstones of a firm-looking facial appearance. You get a brighter, younger-looking you with absolutely no downtime and all at an affordable price!

Target wrinkles on the surface of your skin in areas known to be problematic like:

  • Around your lips
  • Near the corners of your eyes
  • Between your brows

This procedure is ideal for those looking for effective face-tightening treatment with no downtime and clinically proven results. One treatment annually works well for those with mild-to-moderate skin laxity. If you need a bit more support, a second treatment just 3 months after your initial appointment may be required, with annual treatments from then on.

 Cooltech Fat Freezin
Do you have areas of your body you’d like to compress and reduce? Fat freezing could be the answer. Cooltech fat freezing has been around since about 2010 and targets a specific area of your body and is an effective body contouring non-surgical procedure. Amazingly, you can expect to experience a 30-40% reduction in the size of the area you treat in just one session! The impact isn’t immediate and you’ll have to wait about 2 to 3 months for the results to take shape, however, this is why getting this treatment done during the winter is ideal. Invest in a newer shape now and give your body time to adjust in order to be ready to hit the beach in summer!

Fat freezing works by applying cold temperatures to pockets of extra fat and killing off the cells. The process kills off your excess fat while leaving your skin cells healthy and intact. With pricing as low as $350 with package deals, Cooltech is an application you don’t want to miss.

ONDA Body Shaping
ONDA body shaping is another effective body contouring non-surgical procedure that can help you reach the shape you want this winter. This procedure targets your subcutaneous fat and focuses heat on your subdermal fatty tissue to melt it away. This fast treatment is effective in just a few sessions. It only takes about 10 minutes and results can be seen in 1 to 4 treatments spaced over a few weeks. Find a treatment plan that works best for you and get started treating those stubborn “hard” fat cells.

 Teslaformer muscle toning
Sometimes it’s not your fat that’s the issue you wish to target, but your muscles! Teslaformer technology has the answer. With ultimate body contouring functional magnetic stimulation, this treatment gets great results, quickly. Teslaformer technology is another body contouring non-surgical procedure and works by contracting your muscles over 50,000 times in just one session. This is perfect for strengthening your pelvic floor, as well as hard to respond areas on your arms and abdomen. Burn fat, strengthen your muscles, and get a new shape using electromagnetic energy in just 30 minutes a session! You’ll see improved muscle tone and enjoy a healthier-looking body without endless and time-consuming trips to the gym.

At Total Body Contouring, we have the ultimate solutions this winter for a fabulous body this summer thanks to our body contouring non-surgical procedures. It’s the perfect time to invest in yourself and get the look you’ve been waiting for. Our leading-edge Canberra clinic is here for you from state-of-the-art facial tightening to fat freezing and muscle toning.

Contact us today by calling 0262397347, or book your instant appointment online for affordable, effective, and fast results you can trust. If this is your first appointment, we’re happy to chat with you about the best possible packages in order to treat the areas you want.

Get summer-ready this winter with Total Body Contouring!