Cryosaunas and cryotherapy go hand in hand when it comes to fat freezing treatments. However, there are a few differences between the two. The first being that a Cryosauna is the device used to perform Cryotherapy treatments.

Cryosaunas are similar to a tanning machine except that they stand up vertically and cool your fat instead of warming your skin. When the device is being used you may feel a cool sensation on your skin where the technology starts to freeze your fat cells. Cryosaunas are similar to cryotherapy chambers, however, cryosaunas allow patients to breath more easily with an opening at the top. This is also better if the patient suffers from claustrophobia.

Unlike localised treatments cryosaunas treat your whole body at once which is similar to how a tanning machine operates. This ensures that you are freezing fat cells across your body instead of freezing them in one area.

Cryotherapy treatments are performed when an individual steps into a cryosauna to freeze fat cells. The treatment usually lasts a few minutes where the body is cooled to allow the cells to freeze. This is a great treatment for those looking to lose weight and wanting to look healthy once again. However, there are other benefits to this treatment as well.

Cryotherapy is an excellent way to help those that are suffering from musculoskeletal pain as well as swelling and inflammation. The cooling technology produces a soothing effect on the affected areas and helps to reduce the symptoms. It is also a great way to reduce migraine tension by cooling the nerves in the neck until they are numb. Nerves around the rest of the body can become numb using cryotherapy, which can reduce irritation.

If you have mood swings or anxiety cryotherapy is also great as a mood treatment as it creates a reaction within the body which helps the individual to release their built up hormones. This helps you to relax and distress even when nothing else will help. With an ability to increase antioxidant levels as well cryotherapy is very beneficial for treating multiple conditions. However, it is advised that you seek your doctor’s advice before using cryotherapy to treat these symptoms.

As a treatment, cryotherapy can be used as a localized treatment or a whole body treatment with a cryosauna. Our cooltech cryotherapy machines offer localised treatment for those stubborn areas of fat. This allows you to focus on one area of fat instead of the whole body with areas that might not need fat removal. Cryosaunas are one of the tools that can be used in a cryotherapy treatment, however, some refer to a cryotherapy treatment as a cryosauna. Technically they are not the same but they go hand in hand when freezing fat cells.

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