How Old Is Cryotherapy/ Fat Freezing Technology?
With the race on for weight loss technology, we have seen massive industry changes over the last few years, helping make it easier for people to obtain that bikini body we see in magazines. One such technology is cryolipolysis or core commonly known fat freezing treatments. This technology was apparently discovered after doctors found that the fat cells in kid’s cheeks reduced when they excessively ate icy pops. This discovery led to the understanding that fat is much more sensitive to temperature than your skin is. Fat freezing technology was developed soon after and approved for use in 2010. It’s not necessarily a new technology but has been gaining popularity in recent years as an alternative fat reduction treatment because of it’s non-invasive and safer methods than liposuction or other options involving surgery.

How Does Cryotherapy/ Fat Freezing Work?
Our Cooltech Cryotherapy treatments, which can be performed at our Canberra weight loss clinic, work by using appropriately matched freezing attachments to treat different areas of the body including your stomach, thighs and under the arms. This ensures that you experience fat reduction in the right areas to sculpt your body for optimum results.

Fat freezing treatments kill the fat cells in a more controlled way. Once the fat cells die the body is able to naturally process the dead cells and remove them from the body resulting in fat reduction. In some cases, you can experience up to 40% fat reduction in treated areas per session. This is a huge reduction in overall fat mass and although these results will vary from person to person in most cases you will see a noticeable difference in your skin and body after just one session. Such as tighter and smoother skin, fat reduction a more toned stomach, thighs and buttocks.

When you first come in for your treatment an anti-freeze pad will be placed on the area being treated. After this, an applicator will be placed on top of the antifreeze pad and you will experience a cool, vacuum-like feeling. The treatment doesn’t take long and doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia to perform which makes it a better option for many individuals.

How Has Cryotherapy/ Fat Freezing Evolved For Today’s Society?
Cryotherapy treatments have helped many people reduce fat and improve their weight loss with over a million successful Cooltech fat freezing treatments performed worldwide. The overall satisfaction rate of these treatments is 95% which is HUGE!

Cooltech fat freezing treatments are so successful today due to this advanced technology allowing people to lose weight without the need for diets and exercise. Sounds too good to be true right, and if we didn’t see it everyday I would have believed you. The results are in the science and although you don’t have to be at the gym 5 days a week to lose the weight we will always tell our clients that eating balanced nutritious meals will support your weight loss journey after treatments and into the future. This type of treatment option makes it beneficial for many individuals who struggle trying to lose stubborn fat and allows them to sculpt a body they could only dream of!

Fat freezing treatments can be performed at our Canberra weight loss clinic with a treatment plan tailor to your body and desired goals. Call 02 6239 7347 to book your fat freezing treatment today.