There are many skin conditions that can affect your appearance and lower your self-esteem. Loads of people suffer from these types of conditions on a daily basis trying to cover up the redness in their skin with makeup, skin creams or other natural products.

Unfortunately, some skin conditions that cause redness are very hard to get rid of and even harder to cover up with just creams and foundations. Two of the most severe of these skin conditions include acne and rosacea, which cause unending strife for those who are affected. Lots of the treatments can also be the cause of the acne or make the condition worse by affecting the skin causing a reaction which makes the condition worse.

Acne appears in the form of painful red pimples on the face that can spread all over the body but are more obviously visible across the face, neck and shoulders. It is usually caused by a number of factors including stress, poor diet, being overweight and lack of exercise, as stress can help cleanse the skin of toxins. The effects of acne can be felt over time as the skin is left scarred with pits and blemishes. This results in a deep skin scarring that can not be treated with surface skin treatments like creams.

Rosacea doesn’t have any sort of relationship to acne but it can still leave people feeling very vulnerable and embarrassed. The redness caused by this skin condition has certain triggers. These triggers mainly cause redness due to the affected feeling heat, much like when people go through menopause or have kidney dysfunction. Other factors that can trigger Rosacea can be sun exposure, stress, hot weather, alcohol, emotional changes and even some medicines. Unfortunately, there is no complete cure for this condition and is thought to possibly be hereditary. However, there are ways that those affected can relieve some of the redness in their skin.

One such way is an SRA Pigmentation Reduction treatment, which we are able to provide at our Canberra skin and weight loss clinic. We offer skin treatments and services as well as weight loss management treatments to help those suffering the effects of conditions such as acne and rosacea.

The SRA Pigmentation Reduction treatment uses advanced IPL laser and radio frequency technology to rejuvenate the skin and lessen the effects of redness. It helps skin regenerate and improves tone and texture to produce smoother, vibrant and younger looking skin.

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