Fat plays a very vital role in your bodily process and how your organs function. However, on the flip side, excess body fat invariably results in health complications, and appearance. This article will explore ‘Fat Freezing’ as a viable method to reduce subcutaneous fat deposits on portions of your body, the working involved in the procedure, its benefits and the candidate best suited for this procedure.

Role of fat in bodily functions
The major role of fat in bodily functions and processes includes – the maintenance of body temperature, immunity and immune response, and the regulation of insulin sensitivity.

From a dietary point of view, the consumption of fat at the optimal level does not only act as a source of energy but also functions as a structural component for the development and growth of the body.  As a carrier of fat-soluble vitamins like – vitamins A, D, E and K, the fat in the body supports and assists the intestine in the absorption of these vitamins. Other important benefits of fat as a dietary requirement include –

  • Support and maintenance of optimal cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Maintaining healthy inflammatory pathways.
  • Optimization of the functioning of brain cells.
  • Fostering the health of the liver.
  • The strengthening of bones and
  • Enhancing good sleep.

However, an unchecked consumption of fat, high cholesterol foods and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to the accumulation of unhealthy fat in the body, resulting in obesity and fat deposits in areas of the body that do not respond to diet or exercise.

Fat freezing as an option to reduce excess subcutaneous fat in the body
If you are looking for a way to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat then Fat Freezing is a viable option. Fat freezing can help to remove any unwanted fat in your body and help you get into better shape, both in terms of your health and your overall physique.

What is Fat Freezing?
The medical term for fat freezing is ‘Cryolipolysis’ and it’s a non-surgical method for the reduction of fat. The process involved in fat freezing is the use of cold temperature to assist the reduction of excess fat in specific parts of your body. The process involved in fat freezing is designed to target those particular areas of your body with excess subcutaneous fat deposits, which do not respond to exercise or dietary changes. The technique and procedure involved in fat freezing or Cryolipolysis have been patented under the term ‘CoolSculpting’.

Areas of the body best suited for fat freezingThe areas of the body that are best suited for using the procedure for fat freezing are those specific portions of the body that are immune to exercise or diet. These body parts include – the deposits of fat of your upper arms, area beneath your chin, portions of your outer and inner thighs, upper back and lower back, abdominal area, the hip or your side flanks also referred to as ‘love handles, and the deposits beneath your buttocks.

How does it work, what is the procedure involved in fat freezing?
Cryolipolysis, as a procedure can be performed in a doctor’s clinic, an outpatient clinic or trusted and certified establishments like Total Body Contouring, which specialises in the procedure of ‘cool sculpting’. The first stage of the procedure involves the assessment of areas of the fatty deposits, their shape and their size. These areas or portions of the body are then highlighted using a skin marking pencil.

The second stage involves the application of a gel pad on the highlighted areas as protection for your skin.

A handheld device referred to as the applicator, or ‘CoolTech’, if you happen to use the services of Total Body Contouring, is then directly applied to the previously outlined parts of your body, which you want to be sculpted.

The device when applied to the body part, uses the suction mechanism to vacuum the fat deposit into the device’s hollow opening. As the procedure is performed, you will be awake and feel the sensations of intense cold, in addition to other sensations like – cramping, tingling or slight stinging. These sensations will begin to lower after 5 to 10 minutes of the device’s application as the area will begin to grow numb due to the cooling down process.

The fat deposit is slowly cooled down to a temperature range between 32.02 to 39.02 degrees Fahrenheit.

For a specific area, the average time taken is 35 minutes to an hour, following which, the device is removed and the areas massaged for 3 to 5 minutes to help the breaking down of fat cells.

The many benefits of fat freezing as a treatment option
The popularity of fat freezing as a treatment option for getting rid of those stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits is rising each year. One of the reasons for its growing popularity is the many benefits this fat reducing treatment offers –

  • It is a non-surgical procedure.
  • The risk factor involved is minimum.
  • A comparatively painless fat reducing alternative to liposuction.
  • A safe procedure using cold as the primary treatment.
  • As it is a non-surgical procedure it does not require the application of anaesthesia.
  • There is no downtime involved.
  • The procedure is suitable for people of all ages.
  • The procedure does not carry a risk of skin or nerve damage.
  • The solution or the fat reduction is permanent.

According to an article published by Harvard Health Publishing in early 2020, the number of fat freezing treatments that have been performed globally is over 8 million and growing. Unlike the other method of reducing fat – liposuction, fat freezing is a safe option involving minimal pain and time.

In regard to the ideal candidate of using fat freezing as a treatment option for the reduction of excess fat, it is important to remember that the procedure of fat freezing is losing fat and not losing weight.

So, if you have your ideal body weight, but just want to get rid of those nagging, sagging, highly pinchable portions of your body, then fat freezing is the ideal treatment for you.

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