Cellulite is a condition that affects many people today in our current lifestyles. Whether you are a man or a woman, thin and healthy or overweight cellulite is present in almost every person, though you may not always see it as the severity of cellulite can differ depending on the individual.

There are different grades of cellulite that affect people and is more noticeable in women than men. This is because women’s bodies have different ways of distributing fat that makes cellulite symptoms more obvious. The severity of cellulite in the body can be determined as the following:

Grade 1 (Mild Cellulite) – A minimum amount of depressions in pinched skin causing an ‘orange peel effect’. There may be a slight sagging appearance to the skin.

Grade 2 (Moderate Cellulite) – More depressions are noticeable in a pinched area of skin where the fat cells are more noticeably affecting the skin with a ‘cottage cheese appearance’

Grade 3 (Severe Cellulite) – There are deep depressions in the skin which can be noticeable even without pinching the skin. The skin sags quite a lot and has the appearance of a ‘mattress effect’.

The effects of cellulite are more noticeable in women who are overweight and older than 25 years of age. However, the signs of cellulite can still be found in teenagers and healthy, slim individuals. This is due to a range of factors including hormones, genes, diet and lifestyle. You can reduce the appearance of cellulite with a healthy lifestyle but there is no guarantee that you will be able to rid yourself of cellulite completely.

If you are conscious about cellulite there are many treatments out there that can help although some are more temporary than others. Some treatments can also harm your body leading to surgery or downtime that is inconvenient for a lot of women in this day and age.

Our cellulite reduction treatments are a great solution to those who feel the need to reduce cellulite and make their skin look smooth and wonderful again. You won’t need to have surgery or any downtime as our treatments a non-invasive and works with your skin to naturally tighten and tone.

Still unsure? We have proven clinical results and superior technology which far surpasses anything else on the market. Our Velashape uses a combination of radiofrequency, infrared light, vacuum and mechanical massage techniques to make your body look amazing.

You won’t feel any pain with our cellulite reduction treatments, just a warm sensation on your skin. This penetrates to the fat layer below and stimulates the natural chemicals in your body to reduce the ‘orange peel’ effect cellulite produces.

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