Skin Resurfacing Vs. Anti-Aging Creams For Wrinkles

When it comes to ageing, we all feel the effects in our skin. It shows through the fine lines and wrinkles that start to appear as we get older. Then it gets to a point where we start looking at anti-aging products to rejuvenate our skin, so we can turn back the hands of time.

One treatment you may consider are anti-aging creams. These come in a variety of types with different benefits to suit those wishing to age gracefully. Most of these creams can be obtained over the counter but some anti-aging creams require a prescription from your doctor to obtain.

Prescription creams are able to do a better job than most over the counter creams but they can come with some unwanted side effects that may negatively affect your skin.

All anti-aging creams boost the thickness and elasticity of your skin, however, they only reduce the “appearance” of aging and need to be applied continuously to maintain a youthful look.

Unlike anti-aging creams our skin resurfacing treatments combat the signs of aging at their core. It works with the skin to produce the natural healing the body would normally do when you were younger. This Total Body Contouring treatment promotes plumping and firm skin through encouraging your skin to produce collagen to restore your youthful complexion and correct skin irregularities.

Skin resurfacing is also a non-invasive procedure that has longer lasting effects than anti-aging creams. It requires fewer treatments and doesn’t produce the unwanted side effects that some stronger anti-aging skin creams can. It is great for a range of aging signs including fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, rough skin and improves your complexion.

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