Cellulite is an issue that many individuals suffer from, women more so than men. Cellulite can be visibly seen around the butt and the thighs with fat deposits growing just under the skin layer creating an orange peel effect. This can be caused by genetics, hormones and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Reducing cellulite through nutrition 

Having the right nutritional balance can help with cellulite reduction as well as having other health benefits. You want to make sure that you drink lots of fluids to flush your system and reduce your salt and sodium intake to stop the fat cells growing in your body.

While ridding your system of the bad foods you want to increase your intake of good, healthy foods. Eating potassium rich foods is a great way to encourage your body to absorb energy but also gets rid of waste from your body more easily. Vitamin C is also great for smoothing out your skin and reducing the physical signs of cellulite. 

Reducing cellulite through exercise

Exercising is a key part of cellulite reduction as well as any other form of weight loss. Performing tasks and exercises that work on strengthening your butt and thighs is a great way to reduce cellulite.

Practice some squats and lunges as well as stretching your legs for a great workout. Running up hills or stairs and skipping is also a great way to exercise your legs. It may also be a good idea to join an exercise group or gym to keep you motivated. 

Reducing cellulite through cellulite reduction treatments 

If you are finding it hard to reduce cellulite in your body with exercise and nutrition alone there are other alternatives to help you reduce that orange peel skin. This alternative does not involve surgery and is non invasive making it a popular choice for many of those who suffer from cellulite. It’s our Velashape cellulite reduction treatment!

Our Velashape cellulite reduction treatment heats the targeted area where cellulite resides using infrared technology. This helps reduce cellulite, tightens the skin and shapes the butt and thighs for a healthier look. It is a great cellulite reduction option, especially if you struggle with cellulite more than others.

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