As we go through life scarring is inevitable. Especially if you have had severe acne, been in an accident or had surgery. However, there are ways to help prevent scarring as well as treatments to reduce scars currently marring your skin.

Types Of Scar Tissue 

Two common types of scar tissue that can form on your skin include hypertrophic and keloid scars. Hypertrophic scars fade and are less visible over time but can still be seen on your skin. Keloid scars form raised areas on the skin and can have a reddish appearance.

Contracture scars are a lot harder to treat as they are the result of a burn injury. These scars can limit movement in the affected area and even impair an individual if the scarring is severe. 

What Causes Scar Tissue 

Scar tissue is formed when the skin heals itself after an injury. Acne, chickenpox, cutting the skin, skin conditions, burns, tattoos and surgery are all common causes of scarring.

The body forms scars over an affected area by utilizing blood and skin cells as well as collagen. This effectively closes the wound and prevents viruses and bacteria entering the body, which could cause infection. 

Preventing Scar Tissue 

Prevention is always better than a cure, however, this can be difficult when you want to avoid scarring. There are some treatments, including cryotherapy Canberra that can reduce the visibility of scarring but ultimately you want to avoid injuring yourself altogether. This is not an easy task, especially if you have severe acne or are facing surgery. 

Scar Tissue Treatments 

There are a multitude of treatments that can treat scar tissue with varying results. One of the best and most technologically advanced treatments for scarring is cryotherapy Canberra and sublative skin resurfacing. We offer both these treatments at our Canberra skin clinic to help those with skin disorders or scarring.

Cryotherapy cools the skin and tightens it to reduce the visibility of scarring on the body. We can target problem areas with our specialised machines so the results take affect sooner rather than later.

Our sublative skin resurfacing procedure is excellent for facial scarring caused by acne and the like. It works by penetrating the layers under the skin to encourage healing so your face looks smoother and healthier.

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