Living a healthy lifestyle involves eating a balanced diet and getting some exercise. This can go a long way towards keeping your body in great shape. But sometimes the exact results you’re looking for can really seem rather elusive. Why does that one part sag, and why won’t this particular spot firm up? Genetics and other factors can play a large role in determining the overall shape your body takes. Body sculpting and body contouring can help strengthen your muscles through noninvasive treatments resulting in the change you seek.

How does this happen and what treatments are available? Two popular and powerful body contouring technologies that are now on the market include TESLAformer and Emsculpt.

Here is a look at what both treatments offer and how they can help transform your body.

All About Emsculpt
Emsculpt is a noninvasive body contouring technique that uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to make your muscles contract. These contractions cause your body to build more muscle and get rid of fat in the specific areas you target.

As with TESLAFormer, Emsculpt treatments elicit a supramaximal muscle contraction to get results. This means the machine causes your body to bypass its nervous system to stimulate your muscles in greater intensities than you could do on your own. This causes your muscle contractions to go above and beyond, hence creating a “supramaximal” effect.  Normally, you’re only able to contract your muscles as fast as your nerves can signal them to do so. Essentially, Emsculpt and TESLAformer speed things up.

  • High-intensity electromagnetic energy
  • 20,000 contractions per 30-minute session
  • 2 units of magnetic flux density output per 30-minute session
  • More expensive than Teslaformer but less powerful

Unlike TESLAformer, Emsculpt is purely an aesthetic device. It doesn’t have proven medical applications. But both treatments do have much in common. Both are primarily used to improve your muscle tone, and are often focused on the abdominal muscles, and on creating definition and tone in your buttocks and arms, although they can be used elsewhere.

How powerful is it? When it comes to technical specifications, Emsculpt is a little less powerful than TESLAFormer. Emsculpt produces 20,000 contractions per 30-minute session and just 2 units of magnetic flux density output in the same amount of time.

Overall, Emsculpt is an effective treatment that can garner some results.

All About Teslaformer
TESLAFormer is similar to Emsculpt but at Total Body Contouring, we think it presents you with definite advantages. Just like Emsculpt, TESLAFormer is a body contouring technique based on high-intensity electromagnetic energy that targets your muscles. This treatment operates in much the same way as Emsculpt, with some key differences.

Teslaformer was developed before Emsculpt and as such, it has been on the market longer.  This technique offers a more powerful approach to body sculpting, giving you faster results in less time.

  • High-intensity electromagnetic energy
  • 50,000 contractions per 30-minute session (more than Emsculpt)
  • 3 units of magnetic flux density output per 30-minute session
  • More affordable than Emsculpt and also more powerful

Just one TESLAFormer session is said to be equivalent to performing 30,000 squats or sit ups in just 30 minutes. Amazing results await!

A Teslaformer treatment produces 3 units of magnetic flux density output per 30-minute session and approximately 50,000 muscle contractions. This treatment has both aesthetic and medical applications and can be a powerful approach to transforming your body.

At Total Body Contouring, we believe our treatments work best alongside exercise and a nutritionally balanced diet and shouldn’t be used to replace a healthy lifestyle.

As a renowned Canberra weight loss clinic, our boutique has powerful treatments for results, whether you’re looking to strengthen your pelvic floor, or target areas like your abs or arms.

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