For women, particularly those that are or have been pregnant, incontinence is a real and common issue. In fact, more than one in three women will be affected by incontinence at some point in their lives.

Thankfully though, this condition, while uncomfortable and inconvenient is also treatable thanks to cutting-edge non-invasive technology.

What are the causes of urinary incontinence?
There is a range of reasons bladder control issues may present. For example, illness, bladder infections, medications, trauma, age, pregnancy, and sneezing are just a few!
Symptoms can range from a small loss of bladder control to full loss and if the condition becomes chronic, the bladder cannot empty itself completely leaving the feeling of urgency, bladder fullness, bloating, and pain.

Pregnancy is another common cause of urinary incontinence because the unborn baby pushes on the bladder, pelvic muscles, and urethra making the need to go more urgent.

Losing control of your bladder can happen as a result of giving birth but once the muscles have had time to rest and recover, the problem often rights itself. However, damage sustained during pregnancy may not cause incontinence immediately, but instead, can present in women as they enter mid-life. In some rare cases, menopause will cause urinary incontinence after periods cease. The loss of estrogen when this happens is believed to weaken muscles in that part of the body.

How does TESLAChair help?
Thankfully there are treatments to help with mild bladder leakages including the use of the TESLAChair.
Some of the types of urinary incontinence issues that the TESLAChair has been shown to treat include:

● Urge UI
● Stress UI
● Mixed UI
● Recovery after childbirth
● Milder forms of drooping uterus and bladder
● Recovery after pelvic floor surgery
● Chronic prostate inflammation
● Erectile dysfunction
● Incontinence caused by radical prostatectomy
● Fecal incontinence

The TESLAChair, developed by Iskra Medical, is a non-invasive treatment that uses functional magnetic stimulation to target pelvic muscles causing them to contract in an effort to rebuild them.

A magnetic field is generated by pulsing a current through an electromagnetic mechanism in the machine. The field created by the chair gets up to 3 Tesla strong and directs that field into the desired area. Rapidly changing the field intensity induced an electric current in the neurons that control the muscles. This process is called electromagnetic induction. Once a strong enough current is induced, it activates the neuron action potential. Once the neuron depolarizes, the muscle has a complete contraction. Not only does the contraction work the muscles, but it also boosts circulation. Plus, moving blood through the tissue increases nutrition for the cells and provides pain relief.

Even with such powerful magnetic fields, the TESLAChair was developed to be user friendly and non-invasive and today is widely seen as a leading treatment for pain and urinary incontinence.

With the TESLAChair, every part of the body can be reached without direct skin contact so there is no need to remove clothing. No paddles are used either and there is nothing attached to the skin. The act of treatment is indeed a passive one with the client simply sitting in the chair for the allotted treatment time.

Treatments only take 30 minutes and require no downtime. Most TESLAChair technicians recommend a course of 6-10 treatments done two to three times per week.

While the TESLAChair is useful to treat a variety of muscular conditions, it has been shown to be exceptionally effective at helping with urinary incontinence. The FMS technology has been shown to reach the deep tissues of the pelvic region, healing and strengthening these areas with ease.

Women who have undergone surgery, are recovering from pregnancy, or have other causes of bladder incontinence have seen incredible results thanks to the TESLAChair. In fact, testing showed that 90% of women suffering from postnatal bladder problems reduced or eliminated their symptoms after using this treatment.

If you suffer from incontinence and have been okayed by your medical professional to seek alternative treatments then why not give the TESLAChair a try? The result speak for themself!