Retaining a youthful glow as you age is something many strive for. Time keeps ticking but technologies that work to reverse the visible signs of aging and promote younger-looking skin can do wonders.

Are you looking to tackle sun spots? Are anti-wrinkle methods top of your list? We’re here to serve you with our best Canberra anti-aging services proven to produce desired results.

Healite Therapy
Healite therapy is one of the popular Canberra anti-aging services available here in our clinic. This method involves directing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to your skin in order to target imperfections like superficial lesions and sunspots. Safe and effective Healite therapy is a superb solution as it requires no downtime and it won’t damage any surrounding tissues. This is truly an ideal and affordable solution!

Pigmentation Reduction
Has the sun kissed your skin one too many times? Over the years, it’s easy to develop freckles, brown spots, sun spots, and an uneven skin tone from repeated exposure to the outdoors. Wrinkles and fine lines are also on this list! We understand your drive. You want to keep having fun but to preserve that youthful, desirable glow.

How can you return a younger-looking appearance to your skin? We use ETHEREA IPL-Sq as a go-to solution. The treatment applies square-wave pulse technology light and passes it through the surface of your skin. This targeted approach signals your skin that it needs to activate. Your skin responds like it’s healing a wound. Of course, nothing hurts. The light doesn’t damage your skin. What it does do is stimulate it to produce new, vibrant skin cells as if it really had undergone an injury. This treatment doesn’t hurt yet it leaves you with a lasting glow through directed micro energy.

Skin Resurfacing
The pressures of life really do help build character. They can also bring unwanted wrinkles, however. If you feel like the corners of your mouth present themselves as older than you feel, skin resurfacing could be for you! This effective treatment uses advanced radio-frequency (RF) technology to smooth and regenerate your skin. Aimed at the deep layers of your skin, this skin resurfacing stimulates a healing response similar to that involved in pigmentation reduction. As your skin responds to the sublative RF, it produces new collagen, rounding out sagging areas and promoting a smoother appearance with fewer topical irregularities. With proven efficacy, the result is a younger overall look you’ll love. Skin resurfacing is one of our top approaches to non-surgical facelifts.

Skin Tightening with Onda
And what about fat loss? Onda is an excellent technology that can reshape your look for a younger, slimmer presence. You don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill to get results! This treatment is all about a non-surgical way of targeting and reaching your subcutaneous fat. Micro Coolwave technology travels through the uppermost layers of your skin, delivering heat to your lower fat cells. This helps dissolve them. In just 1 to 4 treatments, you can start to see results after about 30 days, or in as little as two weeks.  The whole process only takes a little over ten minutes in our clinic to complete a treatment or a 15 x 15cm area, and you can treat multiple areas in one sitting. You might feel a gentle warmth under your skin but this is a painless procedure. As the “Coolwave” name suggests, the surface of your skin will stay feeling fresh, while the area you treat may feel warm for a few hours after everything is done.

At Total Body Contouring, we love making you look great! Our non-invasive anti-aging services and fat reduction services require little-to-no downtime and help you meet your aesthetic goals. Now’s the perfect time to dive in! Book your free consultation and start your path toward younger-looking skin today.